Reaching Individual Goals through Online Readiness
"We Are Bridging Educational Goals Together"
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"Educating the Virtual World"


"A Data-Driven,  One Source Educational Solution"

Webinars are scheduled daily from 10:00 Central Time Daily for Superintendents, Administrators, Coordinators, Curriculum Directors. Please select your Webinar Day.


"Changing Challenges to Champions"

Webinars are scheduled daily 10:00 a.m. Central Time K-12. Changing students behaviors with consequences that lead to "Champions".  Please select your Webinar Day.


"Our Students Can Learn"

Webinars are shared at 10:00 AM daily Central Time. 8th-12th Grade, Target, AP students for readiness.  These courses are self-paced. Please select your Webinar Day.

T.I.P.P.S. K-12 , Truancy/Dropout Intervention Solution + Apple Watch

"Bridging Educational Goals Together"

T.I.P.P.S. K12 will minimize your dropouts and truancy with your schools. The educational intervention is a great tool to use as leverage to get students to come to school as a support for help in understanding the concept because it is a drill and practice skill-set.


"It's a Virtual World"

Webinars are presented daily at 10:00 AM. Central Time Daily. Principals, teachers and parents may request a virtual student/teacher or self-paced.  Please select your Webinar Day.