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Reaching Individual Goals Through Online Readiness............

Our Mission:

R.I.G.O.R. is an online  e-Learning Management Readiness Program, Level III, End-of-Course, Curriculum and Coursework Aligned to the Texas Essential  Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) with data-driven results of 90-95% mastery.  R.I.G.O.R.'s mission is to focus on all learning styles and platforms to create an "Interactive  Engaged Learner".  Once students are an "Interactive Engaged Learner", the sky is the limit!  This data-driven
e-learning curriculum and coursework allows the teacher to become a facilitator, one-on-one tutor, create a group and develop a "challenged" student.  Once the teacher achieves these concepts, R.I.G.O.R. allows the student to be an "Interactive Engaged Learner" -- not dependent on a teacher nor a coach.  That is, this student is ready to experience the knowledge of what has been taught. The data-driven component is designed for daily retrieval for students and teachers to access performance of every exercise, quiz, exam, and finally for "repetition" for as many times as needed to achieve mastery 24/7 .  R.I.G.O.R. has  no "anxiety words" which can be a "deterrent" for students that are stressful during testing.  R.I.G.O.R. is incorporating a new "Show- n -Tell".  This concept allows the low performing students an opportunity to show every problem on paper and turn in daily as the e-learning result page grades his/her performance.  Hence, this concept will allow the teacher to see exactly what is happening on every assignment.  Over achievers, such as AP Algebra, would not need to use the "Show -n -Tell" concept only as needed for certain assignments. 

Our Purpose:

R.I.G.O.R.'s purpose for creating an e-learning management system of curriculum and coursework, is to provide students with as many opportunities as needed to maintain mastery at all levels of learning.  These individual modules are the wave of the future in educating our students! Teaching and coaching, only provides a minimum of re-teaching.  Hence, R.I.G.O.R. allows concepts to be practiced on an "individual basis" and consistently provides information on student's abilities.  Our tracking system  monitors students' compliance/non-compliance of concept of objectives of TEKS.


The NEW R.I.G.O.R. ONLINE Students may bring their laptops and use desktops computers that your school already have in place.  Your present setup is ready to go with R.I.G.O.R. at no additional cost to your school.  R.I.G.O.R. provides the link with your school logo, usernames and passwords.  This will allow your students to connect with a click of a button.  

R.I.G.O.R. Online Certified Instructors -  A New Initiative to R.I.G.O.R.

R.I.G.O.R. Online Instructors are ready to meet the schedule of your students.  Many times students need one-to-one instruction with our curriculum and coursework.  The students' elective course may be altered on their schedule for R.I.G.O.R. and coursework will be done with our certified instructors.  Many of our instructors are 15 to 20 years of experience in teaching. Contact a R.I.G.O.R. representative for more information at 832-771-3790.

R.I.G.O.R. 'app':

Parents' connectivity is important to R.I.G.O.R.!  This 'app' will ensure that  if your child is using R.I.G.O.R.  Whereas,  the parent can download the app and know exactly how well your child is progressing in the course.  Also, parents can readily be "alerted" through email from the "result page" about their child's repeated non-compliance of STAAR.   Hence, R.I.G.O.R. can provide this feedback to parents "everyday with a  click"  with the support of the classroom teacher.  R.I.G.O.R. provides all of these opportunities through "icloud" technology.  The standards and readiness of  "STAAR vs. STAAR ALTERNATE" is at stake.   Readiness through preparation is essential for the success of every student.


Our Coursewriters:

Our coursewriters are familiar with at-risk, regular and AP students. This e-learning readiness program allows for challenges in warm-ups at the beginning of every class or for that student that needs a challenge.  Join our R.I.G.O.R. team, we are creating individual learning modules for an
"Interactive Engaged  Learner" to be successful everyday!