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" It is more than a background check,  It is a clearance"

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to focus on small businesses, oil and gas, construction, and other  organizations for safety compliance  to help employers and employees reduce on-site job injuries, illnesses and deaths. OSHA helps businesses protect their workers and reduce the number of workplace deaths, injuries and illnesses. When employees stay safe and healthy, companies can reduce workers' compensation insurance costs and medical expenses.  This decreases payout for return-to-work programs, reduce faulty products, and lower costs for job accommodations for injured workers. Today's interest has been on the "background checks" vs. "clearance". These projects awarded should be held accountable for more than just a "background check".  This rise in projects and social media jobs being posted all over the world, employers need a "clearance".

eLearning Modules:

Many potential employers come from different parts of the world.  Their immediate access to your company requirements should be  readily available 24/7.  Our company ensures that an potential employee  understand the requirements for OSHA Construction and other projects.  The OSHA Compliance's  availability  e-learning modules are being created for ipads, laptops, and smartphones. Therefore, any candidate for employment must meet the necessary requirements before being hired.  Reading and signing compliance agreement for designees is a "must".

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OSHA Compliance Modules       General Specific of All Area                              OSHA  Oil and Gas Compliance Modules

Company Requirements:

The Compliance eLearning Modules requirements are listed below:

1) Your designated person to be responsible for your compliance
2) Your Company Name and Logo on every page
3) Your complete address
4) Identify Signature Pages
5) An Addendum Page for (Specifics of this project)-(a) 2 Addendums per Compliance (Additional $500)
6) How many usernames and passwords  (0-5) including Project Managers
7) Cost per username and passwords $750.00 (Data is required for accountability for one year)
8) 0-5 usernames/passwords $2500.00
10) Additional $750.00 per user to project for Data Purposes
12) Hardcopies (2)  mailed to company's designee
13) Test, Inquires of Expertise etc. for job requirements
14) Clearance Page of Specifics for Prospective  Employee
15) A listing of employees compliant 
16) Small Business for Smaller Jobs (varies in price)
17) Hourly rare of $1200.00 per hour