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GED, Home Schools, TEXAS *STAAR* - United States - APPLE iBooks- SchoolAlytics Learning Series

SchoolAlytics Series


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 SchoolAlytics Series in the Apple iBooks

SchoolAlytics: eBooks
1. Algebra I

2. Biology

3. English I

4. English II

5. U.S. History
                                               6. Writing

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SchoolAlytics: Teacher Membership K12

1. Package A

2. Package B

3. Package C

                                               4. Package D

                                               5. Package E

6. Package F          12.  Package J

7. Package G         13.  Package K 

8. Package G         14.  Package AA

9. Package H         15.  Package BB

10. Package I         16.  Package CC

11. Package J         17.  Package DD

The packages includes creation of multiple lesson(s) online for your classes with video, picts. and more and teachers will be provided with a usenames/passwords for a block of ten (10)  students.  Visit Our Marketplace and Select:

SchoolAlytics Teacher Memb'ship K12:  Buy Now!

SchoolAlytics Series:  School Operations
1. Register 1.0 (an online student registration )
2. Eduworks 1.0 (Teacher/substitute registration from campus)
3. Link 1.0 (a linkage of teacher/student performance ratings)
4. The Graduate ( a graduate tracking from universities/jr. college graduating/dropout/jobs percentage ratings)
5. Recruit Pro. (recruiting teachers and staff, job boards and more
6. My Bookstore ( an online registration of books availability for students using ISBN, professors books, workbooks and more for the bookstore)
7. Chance It! ( an early incident reporting solution for students disruptive behavior within the school environment and recommendations for interventions)

Apple Store - iBooks - SchoolAlytics Series

An Educational Data-Driven Analytics Solution

SchoolAlytics Series: Apple iBooks

Elearning Solutions:
1. R.I.G.O.R. Online (Self-Paced)
2. Edulign Learning (Virtual Class, Virtual Teacher)
3. SchoolAlytics Learning (Performance Based Learning

Case Studies w/apps

SchoolAlytics Series

1. Challenge K12 (a positive behavioral initiative)
2. Business Partnership (a community development performance)
3. Career Tech 1.0 (regular ed students career performance of on-the-job and  marketing)
4. Career Tech 2.0 (at-risk career performance of on-the job based on special education codes and marketing)
5. IGNITE K12( a PDAS administrative solution based on Bloom)
6. Bullying ( an app for students  recognizing bullying behavior of incidents)
7. Collegiate 1.0 (a college reporting solution for scholarships, essays, alerts, notifications, TEXAS Gearups! and more)
8. Pep It Up! ( a school dismissal solution)
9. T.I.P.P.S. K12 (a truancy/dropout data solution with jobs and Apple Watch)